Applied Marine Turbines - Product Advantages



Marine Turbines vs. Industrial Turbines

  • Variable speed vs. Constant speed.
  • Increased back pressure with much stronger exhaust section vs. Weaker lower exhaust section.
  • Hand speed controlled vs. Automatic governor controlled.
  • Solid rotor vs. Built up rotors.
  • Naval specifications vs. Industrial specifications.

Advantages of Naval Marine Turbines

  • A relatively large factor of safety is used in the design and material specification.
  • Speed flexibility.
  • Almost constant efficiency over the design speed range.
  • Diversity of sizes, speed and rotation services.
  • Aft expansion for thrust bearing protection.
  • Provision for automatic extraction using smaller condensing marine turbines.
  • Reduced lead time to modify and install.
  • Adaptable to a number of control methods mechanical or electronic.
  • Marine inlet steam conditions are normally higher the conditions used in industrial applications.